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Reviews for Feld Family Chiropractic Center

Friendly and Comfortable Office

I feel better since my first visit. Everyone is friendly. The office is nice and comfortable. Dr Feld is very knowledgeable. After reviewing some MRIs’ reports, he brought up to my attention some important health issues that needs to be addressed by my PCP. I’m grateful for the attention received and I’m looking forward to my next appointment. ~Miriam Z.

I Feel At Ease

Everyone is so friendly and I feel at ease at this office! I feel an improvement after only two visits, and I feel I have a clear understanding of what is going on with my spine thanks to Dr. Feld taking time to explain the cause of my symptoms. I appreciate that he even went as far as to share shoe recommendations that would further improve my situation and shared specific stretches that I could do that are not only simple, but easy to fit into my day. I feel very hopeful after many years of dealing with sciatica and lower back pain. ~Jessica S.

Great First Experience

First time I’ve ever been to a chiropractor, the receptionist was wonderful- super friendly and very helpful. The Doctor was super personable, very knowledgeable and an all around great guy. It was a great first experience for me. ~David S.

Very Knowledgeable

I feel better since my first visit. Everyone is friendly. The office is nice and comfortable. Dr Feld is very knowledgeable. I’m grateful for the attention received and I’m looking forward to my next appointment. ~Miriam Z.

Can’t Leave without a Smile on Your Face

I love Dr. Feld! He’s one of the best Chiropractors I have ever been too. I am thrilled to be his new patient. He’s helping me with an old injury on my wrist. He’s amazing and is always willing to help anyone. Overall a kind soul. I would recommend anyone and everyone to come to his office. He’s amazing with his healing touches. The front desk staff is also amazing. Definitely bring your friends,family, co-workers and children to his office. He makes you feel amazing once you leave his office. He also has a great personality that you can’t leave that office without a smile on your face or just feeling good afterwards. ~Lauren C.

“I live a very active lifestyle.”

I love to run, jump, squat-you name it I do it.  You can always catch me in the gym or at combat fitness classes.  Over the last year or so, I’ve had progressively worsening left knee pain.  It not only slowed down my activities, but at one point stopped them completely.  I would have pain just walking, let alone doing anything active.  When I finally couldn’t take it anymore I went to an orthopedic doctor who took less than a minute to look at my knee, and determined the muscle was “fatigued”.  He didn’t understand that this wasn’t muscle pain; it was “bone pain”.  Several of the people I train with swear by Dr. Michael Feld and suggested I schedule an appointment with him. Read more…

I’ve always been weary of chiropractors and thought “what could cracking my back have to do with my knee”? At this point the pain was so great I was limping and could barely straighten my leg, so with nothing else to lose, I scheduled an appointment.  Dr. Feld listened and took notes as I explained the pain I was feeling as well as my activities.  He then took x-rays, including my pelvis.  The final prognosis was subluxation and that my pelvis was misaligned; most likely the source of my pain.  After 4 weeks of treatment I was able to run 3 miles pain free, and after 6 weeks I took on a 12 mile tough mudder with only minimal soreness afterwards.  I am extremely pleased and grateful that Dr. Feld was not only able to locate the origin of my pain, but to completely eliminate it. After several chiropractic sessions I experienced other benefits of having my spine properly aligned.  I also became more aware of my posture, my sleep habits, and my body in general.  To put it simply, I just felt better.  The spine affects every aspect of the human body, and many people do not realize that many ailments can be avoided or eliminated by being adjusted.  I now swear by chiropractic treatment and recommend Dr. Feld to everyone I know.

~Christina A.

It is simply amazing!

Dr. Feld and his wonderful staff – Paula, Linda & Jeanine (Diane too, before she left) are truly the most caring people that I have encountered in a very long time!! I have had chiropractic adjustments for many , many years, but coming to this office, I truly have felt better and all of my ailments that I feel weekly get cured!!.  I am not lying and I am not kidding!  This is the truth!!  The office staff care about helping you to make an appointment – they also care (and call) if you miss an appointment! Read More…

Dr. Feld’s knowledge of his craft – a Doctor of Chiropractic techniques – is truly unbelievable!  As an educator myself for the past 35 years, I know that you need to show the individuals that you help your passion; you love to make children and adults feel the best they can be!  One must show this passion with knowledge and love & caring from the heart.  As it is quoted in “The Little Prince” children’s tale popular in France – my favorite line is “on ne voit qu’avec le colur.” One only sees with your heart.  This is Dr. Feld – one of the only true doctors hat have helped me feel better!!  Alot of people are skeptical of chiropractors – but no one should ever be skeptical of this great & caring doctor (and caring individual) because he has helped me and thousands of other patients!!  I have referred several people to be helped by this office and amazing Dr. Feld. Thank you so much (for helping me) – Merci Beaucoup and wishing you continued success and happiness to help so many people in the community!!!

Love you Always – ~Madame Lolly M.

Quality of Life Much Better

My name is Ed B.  I’m a cancer survivor who as a result of traditional medicine was left without control of my bowels.  My doctors were discussing a colostomy as a solution.  I came to Dr. Feld and after taking x-rays he explained how things work. The pinched nerves in my lower back could be affecting me negatively and contributing to my problem.  He explained that the nerves could be stifling my bowels from doing their job properly.  After his initial adjustment I felt immediate relief, prior to starting therapy I was wearing diapers in order to go out in public.  Since then I have been able to go days without having an accident. Although not totally free from worry when going out.  My quality of life has gotten much better.  And the topic of fitting me with a colostomy bag has all but been discounted. Thank You Dr. Mike ~Ed B.

One Visit and I knew I was in the Right Place

I was going to a previous chiropractor, the treatments were not helping.  I decided to look for someone who would help my pain.  I had constant sciatica in my left leg.  Exercising was always restricted due to my pain.  My friend, Annabella, referred me to Dr. Mike. After walking into the office I knew I was in the right place.  Dr. Mike greeted me with a huge smile, and I knew I was in good hands.  After my first adjustment, I started feeling relief and soon after my pain went away. Read More…

I thank Annabella, for referring me to Dr. Mike, so much.  Without the amazing care Dr. Mike has given me, I wouldn’t be the painfree person I am.  Thank you Dr. Mike for giving me my life back and being such a caring and compassionate person.  Thanks to Linda and Paula for always greeting me with a smile.

Thank You, ~Stacey S.

Started Terrified, Ended Up Amazed and Pain Free

Prior to chiropractic, I suffered low back pain due to an injury in my lower back.  Although surgery helped reduce the pain it did not fix the problem and there were days when I was not able to walk, sit or stand in a normal position. I was introduced to Dr. Mike by a dear friend.  I was terrified of what might happen on that first visit considering everything I already been through. Show More

I have to say I was amazed at the results just after getting adjusted for the first time.  I was able to stand straighter and walk out of the office without so much pain.  From that point on I became a frequent client of Cantor Chiropractic and with each session after that I became PAIN FREE!  Chiropractic has been a tremendous help to me.  I would recommend Dr. Mike to everyone, he is truly committed to his patients’ well being, listens when concerns are shared and offers guidanace and explainations.  I feel blessed to be in your care Dr. Mike.

Thank You, ~Annabella

Dr. Mike keeps me healthy with my adjustments.

When I returned from Florida I needed a walker to get around and was unable to drive my car.  With adjustments from Dr. Mike I now can drive my car and use a cane to get around.  When I’m at home the cane is in the corner and I can walk around my apartment without my cane. Read More…

When Dr. Mike adjusts my neck it helps my sinus and I can breath better.  Also, when driving, the range I can turn my head increases, I can see more of the blind spot. When Dr. Mike adjust my spine, I can walk much better and the discomfort decreases.

~William A.

It feels Great!

About 5 years ago I had developed a severe tension headache.  Upper part of my back was stiff all the time, the neck movement was restricted.  My daughter was 17 at that time, so you may be able to relate to the tension headache. First I went to my regular family practice, who prescribed a heavy  dosage of pain killers of course.  I don’t like pills to start with, but those blue drops of help would leave me feel weary and mentally disabled.  This is when my friends recommended to try chiropractor. Read More…

Dr. Feld had thoroughly examined me and provided treatment right away at the first visit.  Of course tension headache and dizziness did not go away right away.  I believe for the first month I was back to his office 2-3 times a week.  Every time right after the adjustment I would feel like ready to go dancing.  It feels great – your body feels younger overall, the wind is clearer, the movements are free It’s been 5 years.  I continue to go for regular adjustments and if I miss it for more than 2-3 weeks, the tension slowly comes back.  It gets especially worse after traveling.  So now off the plane – straight to Dr. Feld’s office!

Thank You Dr. Feld ~Margarita S.

My experience with Dr. Mike and staff is an awesome experience.

Gone are the days of discomfort, pain and stress.  Sleepless nights have been restored to restful nights.  Headaches and numbness are things of the past.  Most importantly his “Bedside Manner”, Paula and Linda make coming here an enjoyable experience. Thank You All. ~Earl S.

Better after One Short Week!

My name is Sam Martinez and I was suffering from dizzy spells and blackouts.  Because of this condition I was unable to perform my duties as a bus mechanic for NJ Transit.  I was on disability while my doctor ordered many tests to find the cause of my dizziness.  I had blood work done as well as an EKG and CAT Scan.  Unable to find the cause of this condition my MD recommended that I see a Chiropractor. Show More

I went to see Dr. Mike Feld and on my first visit he was able to identify a pinch nerve that was causing my vertigo and within a week of adjustments I started to feel great.  My head cleared up and in a month my vertigo had gone away. I have not had any issues with dizziness since I began my adjustments 3 months ago.  Dr Mike got me back to work and I am very grateful to him for taking care of me and my family as we enjoy good health through Chiropractic care.

Sincerely, ~Sam M., Rockaway NJ

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