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Our Techniques

At Feld Family Chiropractic Center, we offer you health care free from medications and surgery. Dr. Feld has decades of experience to help him determine how best to help you. We have several different techniques that are used for your care, chosen based on your comfort level and what is most appropriate for your case.

Activator Methods®

This technique is instrument-based, making it low-force with high velocity. It’s effective for infants and anyone with bone-related concerns such as osteoporosis.


With many applications, this adjusting technique is one of the most widely used. It shows great results in the cervical and thoracic areas of your spine.

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This system of analysis allows us to first thoroughly evaluate your condition, and then to adjust you with specific, full-spine correction.

Other Techniques Commonly Used

  • Extremity Adjusting
  • Sacro Occipital Technique® (SOT®)
  • Thompson
  • Toggle Recoil

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

You’ll find that our office is unique from any other you’ve been to before. We’ll take the time needed to understand your concerns, then create a plan to help you. Occasionally, you may experience minor soreness after an adjustment, which is common. We make sure you’re comfortable, and our patients have reported that their adjustments are relaxing and pain-free.

We’re in-network with insurance plans including NJ Health and Medicare. Saturday appointments and late hours are available. Contact us today to book your time or stop in for a visit!

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