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About Feld Family Chiropractic Center in Rockaway

A Family-based Health Center

In practice since 1993, Dr. Michael Feld started out working in Pennsylvania, making the long commute from his home in New Jersey. He took over Cantor Chiropractic Center in 1997 from his father-in-law, Dr. Cantor, and renamed the office Feld Family Chiropractic Center.

Dr. Feld feels honored to have been mentored by his father-in-law, who instilled in him a strong sense of the chiropractic philosophy and the importance of family-oriented care. Just as he was mentored by Dr. Cantor, Dr. Feld likes to “pay it forward” by mentoring others who hope to become chiropractors.

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Helping Patients Heal Naturally

Our mission is to adjust every single spine in our community. By doing so, we’ll ensure area families are able to live a subluxation-free lifestyle full of health and wellness, free from drugs and surgery.

At Feld Family Chiropractic Center, you’ll experience care in a loving and supportive environment. People come to our practice seeking all different types of care, such as wellness, relief, personal injury and more. One of Dr. Feld’s patients was a woman who suffered from migraines every day for two entire years. There was no break from her pain, and she wasn’t sure where to turn. Dr. Feld started seeing her as a patient. The migraines stopped almost instantaneously with one adjustment, and she has enjoyed a much-improved quality of life since that time.

Keeping Care Accessible for All

We are in-network with most insurance plans, including Medicare and NJ Health. If your plan is one of the few plans we don’t accept, there are often out-of-network benefits available.

You might be curious as to what chiropractic care may be able to help you with, so we invite you to two different events that are regularly held and are open to our community members:

  • On Saturdays, you’re welcome to our weekly Munch and Crunch. Mingle with other families and enjoy delicious bagels, cookies, coffee and tea.
  • Every other Wednesday at 8 p.m. is a New Patient Orientation that everyone who is curious about chiropractic is welcome to attend.

On-site X-rays and free parking are available. Find out what we may be able to do to help you and your family with by scheduling an appointment today!

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