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Dr. Robert Feld

Third-Generation Chiropractor

Rockaway Chiropractor Dr. Robert Feld

Dr. Robert Feld

Feld Family Chiropractic Center is excited to announce the addition of Dr. Robert Feld. As a third-generation chiropractor Dr. Rob already champions the values we have established here at FFCC. He joins his father, Dr. Michael Feld, who has been practicing in the office since 1993. His Grandfather, Dr. Howard Cantor established the office in 1969. Dr. Rob graduated from Life University in 2020 and is already hands-on and hard at work caring for patients.

Since early childhood Dr. Rob had a passion for helping others. While in college obtaining his doctorate, he attended many extracurricular seminars to advance his skills. These seminars included chiropractic techniques, philosophy, extremity adjusting, and nutrition. He is always eager to learn and is constantly staying up-to-date with training in new techniques.

As a graduate of Sparta High School, Dr. Rob was a varsity wrestler all 4 years and captain of the team in his Junior and senior year. While attending high school he decided to travel to Italy in 2010 with the history club and has since developed a passion for traveling. He has also traveled to Mexico and Israel.

In his spare time, Dr. Rob enjoys playing the drums, rock climbing, reading, listening to music and taking care of his dog, Scout and cat, Colby who he adopted while in Georgia.

His passion for chiropractic is palpable and he adds a unique flare to an exciting environment. Being part of a father and son team is a dream come true for their chiropractic family.


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